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LUXE FILES: Frankie's 400Z

I took the time to sit down with Frankie Francis from Not Scared Racing and Fabrication to learn a little bit more about his back ground and his new build the 400Z.

Frankie is a genuine good dude and one of the cleverest yet humble fabricators you’ll come across.  Frankie’s core trade is as a panel beater but with that has spent a lot of time mastering chassis repair and fabrication, with a bit of bad health thanks to the Big C he’s also dab hand behind the computer with some awesome cad skills which makes all the difference in some of the finishing touches in his work. When I do a video on the new skylines cage you will be blown away by the small details through out.

Frankie has been around the drift scene for a little while now previously piloting a Ford Barra powered Cefiro and now the new Barra powered 350z dubbed the 400 Z.

The car has had the engine set as low and as far back in the car as possible needing extensive mods to the fire wall and trans tunnel as well as extensive front bar work, it runs a really nice well thought out rear radiator set up with some trick ducting . The car has a really well built cage again all done by Frankie him self with a lot of really nice finishing touches taking the car to the next level. With the FDF angle kit and “reliable” Barra cant wait to see it out on the track.

Cheers Frankie for taking the time to go over the car with us and even more so for all your help on the new Skyline.

Have any questions just give us a shout happy to share what I’ve learnt so far.



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