NEWS: WA Excel Cup Secures Sponsors but Loses Grid Favourite

2022 Motorsport Australia regulations bring parity to suspension packageNew club president steps up14 sponsors signed up for 2022 seasonLongstanding and much loved competitor to leave category due to other commitmentsFormer championship winner returns to grid temporarilyTyre supply issues could be a problem

The 2022 WA Excel Cup is ready to get racing at the upcoming WA Sporting Car Club meet at Wanneroo Raceway in February but there will be some big changes mechanically and on the grid that will bring smiles and tears to competitors and fans of the category.

The 2022 Motorsport Australia regulations finally will see all of the cars fitted with a control suspension package supplied by Supashock. Previously cars ran two different shock systems with some claiming a 1 second advantage with one of the systems. This change should bring about some closer action to the field.

The 2022 committee has been named and with some fresh faces coming onboard and a new president the club is hoping to see some new ideas brought up. Mark Jewell has stepped down from the president role with Les Sharpe now the Club President.

In terms of sponsorship Pomtec Motorsport continues on as the categories major sponsor for 2022 but will be backed up by another 13 sponsors for the category which will see prizes and trophies awarded across qualifying and top three place getters for members of the WA Excel Cup. A Driver of the Day award will also be up for grabs which will be nominated by a member of the committee.

Six new cars are under construction and expected to be out on the grid in the first half of 2022 with some of these to be piloted by some new, younger drivers around 15 – 16 years old. Great to see younger drivers being welcomed to a category to help ensure its long term survival, who knows where they will end up!

Sad news we hear is that Carlos Ambrosio will be taking a step away from the category this year to focus on his business and family commitments. The Ambrosio family have been a huge feature in the pits with the family supporting both at Wanneroo Raceway and Collie Raceway. We often saw Carlos’ son helping to turn a spanner or two to help out as well. Hopefully this is just a temporary farewell.

Robert Landsmeer’s car is up for sale, however before it gets sold he has decided to return to the WA Excel Cup club for 2022. How long he races depends on how long it takes to sell the car, but hopefully he’ll keep the car clean so that the next owner won’t be buying a fix-er-up-er-er!  … Is that how we even say it?!

Lastly, the control tyre is the Federal race tyre but global production and shipping issues could be a challenge for the category this year.

For all the dates and to keep up to date with the WA Excel Cup category, head on over to their webpage or Facebook !



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