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LUXE FILES: Renault Megane RS III – Reflections From Track Test

Friday night was the first tuning night of the year at the WA Sporting Car Clubs Wanneroo raceway,  there was a great turn out with everything from the new I20N Hyundai, GT3 prokas to beautiful old Torana’s as well as the congregation of Excel cup and saloon cars testing, we took the Renault Megane RS out for its first test here in WA and loved it.

I have footage coming from this but it is now the day after and I needed to take the Renault to the work shop so I thought id reflect on the car and my general overview of it. Anyone who tracks cars gets what I mean you think about it for a while after what you liked, how it felt etc.

So yeah that’s what this sorta is plus it was a beautiful day so why not drive a obnoxious hatch with a fart tune. We will have the track footage up asap but if you have any questions just give us a shout happy to share what I’ve learnt so far.



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