TARMAC RALLY: Wet Tyre Definition released for Tarmac (Targa) Rally events

Motorsport Australia announced today that they have released a Wet Tyre Definition for the purpose of Tarmac (Targa) Rally events in Australia.

The definition is in response to the Targa Tasmania Investigatory Tribunal’s recommendations that Tarmac Rally event organisors, in conjunction with Motorsport Australia, make provisions for the usage of tyres that are more suited to wet conditions rather than just the standard set of tyres usually permitted.

The basics of the definition are:

A Wet Tyre must be road legal for the purpose of use on the public road network within Australia.A Wet Tyre must have at least two full circumferential grooves as moulded within the tyre by the manufacturer, each groove with a minimum general width of 5mm to the full tread depth of the tyre as defined by the wear indicators.A Wet Tyre should be supplied with information from the tyre manufacturer stating the tyre manufacturers recommendations regarding the use of that tyre. Any manufacturer information that states that a certain model of tyre is not suited to wet conditions may not be considered a Wet Tyre under the definition of a Wet Tyre.

You can read the full definition here, which is subject to change as further consultation and review is sought with Tyre Manufacturers, Tyre Manufacturer representative bodies and Motorsport Australia.



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