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LUXE FILES – Noise Deadening Removal – Quick Tip

Something a bit different from the normal content but here is a quick tip on the way I tackle the worse job in building production based races cars, removing that horrible heavy sticky noise deadening material.

Now I have our newly acquired Renault Megane RS over here in Perth, I am going over it and getting the small jobs done to bring it up to out spec and make it a nice easy to use tarmac rally car.  Today I just wanted to show my method for noise deadening removal and in my opinion quicker then dry ice. It requires virtually the same clean up and costs next to nothing other then your time. It requires good old fashioned elbow grease, a heat gun and scraper.  I have a variable temp heat gun which is just a Bunnings special and I find the key is to get enough heat in first to make the noise deadening orange peel then keep moving. If your careful enough you can even get away with out damaging the paint which in some cars means zero paint work. I just use thinners to clean up the left over residue as you would do with the dry ice method.  Have any questions just give us a shout happy to share what I’ve learnt so far.



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