Drift Kings 2022

Published: Saturday December 18 2021
Mitch Larner's Drift Kings to hit the Collie Stadium in 2022 - Here's his latest update.

Mitch Larner’s Drift Kings to hit the Collie Stadium in 2022 – Here’s his latest update.

For those that don’t know Mitch Larner he’s a Perth based drifter who has drifted interstate and overseas representing Australia in some big name drift comps.

Since being grounded by COVID-19, his attention has turned to creating something new for Perth and that is Drift Kings.

The event to be run on the 1st and 2nd of January 2022 will be based down at the Collie Motorplex in the “Stadium”. This area of Collie Motorplex has essentially been a dedicated drift track for over 5 years. Mitch along with Pat Coezter and Brendon Greaves were among the first to do testing there when it first started.

However Mitch said he felt that the evolution of the stadium has been minimal and too much misinformation about the stadium has gotten out there to the point people think they need to bring a shitty drift missile there as you’re going to write it off.

In a recent post on Facebook Mitch said “Drifting is the most exciting motorsport in the world in my opinion. No one who watches it or gets to experience it first hand ever doubts the sport. The issue in my opinion it’s downfall is it’s not a main stream motorsport yet. But is closer to breaking through more then ever!”

“I want to personally see drifting grow and see it become one of the most recognised and valuable motorsport events there is. Perth has many great opportunities and events to attend, I started locally here in perth and branched out to the biggest series’ in the world. And now I’d like to try reproduce some of my experiences for you guys.”

In the last week, Mitch and Ian Jeffery went to the Collie Motorplex and spent three days working on the area to provide a better experience for drivers and spectators alike.

The work they did included:

Fully cleared and flattened the inside of the stadium trackCreated fully shaded VIP spectator area where the action is.Pits are right near spectators for more driver interaction and better placementBrand new track layout to make driving more exciting and fun

For the spectators they are planning to have

Stunt showsBurnout displaysHelicopter ridesViper Wheelie MachineFood vanLicensed bar

Signing off the post, Mitch said “This is only the beginning of what’s to come. Drift Kings, Ian Jeffery Motors and myself are willing to invest into Perth’s automotive community to make it better for everyone.”

“This is the first step to hopefully many more in building up Perth’s only dedicated drift track. For these steps to continue in return all we ask for is your support in attending our events wether it’s as a driver or spectator.”

For more details on the event, visit the Facebook event